January 10, 2007

What's up everyone, long time no talk so that means a lot of new info for everyone.

*We are currently Planning our Summer tour of the East Coast so stay on the lookout for the dates we will be playing in the next few months.

*We have a bunch of shows coming up, there are only a few on there now but more will be trickling in later this week, so check out the shows page to see when and where they are. A lot of them are over 21 shows, so i apologize to anyone wanting to come out that can't.

*Continue to VOTE for us for this Summer's Vans Warped Tour and continue to listen to us on My Space and Pure Volume, thats all for now.


January 3, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody. I hope everyone had a good holiday. I want to thank everyone that came to our show with Punchline on Nov. 30th and to all of our shows in December. We are hoping to make 2005 the year of SBC. We have a bunch of shows in January, so check the shows page and make it out to some shows. We are selling tickets for our show on January 14th at Mr. Smalls w/Almost Cool, Nothing Unexpected, and Nivlem. So if you are interested in going email us at SBCBooking@yahoo.com and we'll get them to you.

Also check out our new song "Going All In" on our Pure Volume site which is www.purevolume.com/secondbeforethecrash. And go to our My Space site to hear our other new song "Anatomy of Your Thoughts." They will be up only for a limited time. That's all for now kids, you stay classy.


November 15, 2006

What's up kids? Lots of news and happenings from the world of SBC. First off, as I'm sure most of you know, we've delayed the release of our EP until December/ January. We did this because we've been in the studio recording a few more songs to put on the CD and it is now going to be a FULL LENGTH!!! Hooray! So stay tuned to the website for a release date.

We've finally gotten with the times and created a "My Space" account. So go over to www.myspace.com/secondbeforethecrash and check it out and be our friend.

We have a bunch of shows coming up so check out the updated shows page. One which we are excited about is November 30th at Clarion University with our friends Punchline!!! It is a free show, yes i said it, it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Make sure you come out and listen, say hello, and say happy birthday because it is the day before my (Bret) birthday and 2 days before James'. Thats all for now fellas, byeeee!


October 24, 2006

Hi everyone, just wanted to check in and thank everyone who came out to our 2 shows yesterday at North Catholic high school and at Penn State Mckeesport, despite the fact that they were not posted on the website. I dont have a computer right now and its hard to get to one, actually im just an idiot and there are no excuses. There is no real new news except for a few upcoming shows. Our next show is up at IUP on the 29th(thats 5 days) and its a Halloween show. So make it up if you can, it should be a good time. Check the shows page there are a few more new shows posted. Thats all for now, talk to you crazy kooks later...


September 17, 2006

B-DAWG in the house. What's up guys? Not much news to report except we have a busy couple weeks coming up. We have 4 shows in 9 days starting September 25th, which is in Bridgeville, PA at the Rhythm House with Coat of Arms and Wings of Azreal. If you need tickets for this email me at secondbeforethecrash@yahoo.com so you dont have to pay the door price. We also are playing the Rolling Rock Kick Ass Battle of the Bands on October 3rd. This one is for any over 21 SBC-ites. I think this is our first over 21 show but pleeeease try to make it down and support us and cheer us on to victory!!! We have some other shows but ill let you look at the shows page for those.

The accoustic version of "Freezing" is almost complete, we just need to redo the vocals and then it will be up on Pure Volume for your listening pleasure.

That's about all for now, be sure to see us live in the next couple weeks, you will hear a new song or 2. Til then...


August 29, 2006

What's up jokers? It's been a while since i talked to you all, it brings a tear to my eye. OK i'm better. We got some news that i want to tell the whole world about. We just got added to the Hidden in Plain View/HelloGoodbye show on Wednesday, September 1st at the Charleroi Italian Club. It starts early at 5:30 and we are the opener, so be sure to get down there to see us...word is we will be playing a BRAND NEW, NEVER BEFORE HEARD song...but you'll have to come and see!!

We also are playing tomorrow at Clarion University, so anyone around there come share in the celebration that is SBC!

Some more shows have been added to the shows page so check that out also. Also be on the look out for an accoustic version of "Freezing" in the near future. Thats all for now...Be sure to go see Napolien Dynamite, when you are done watching it you'll feel so LUCKY!!!


July 24, 2006

*Peace in everyone...i want to thank everybody(which is about 15 people total) that came out to our shows at Scott Park and The Scarlet Theatre on Thursday and Friday. They were really fun even though the turnout wasn't that great. Another good thing was that this time around at the Scarlet Theatre my car didn't catch on fire...so it was a good day all around!

*We are getting ready to leave for our first tour ever on Tuesday the 27th. It Starts up at Penn State U on the 27th and ends in Garrettsville, OH on August 7th. Those are the only dates of the tour up on the SHOWS page right now because i don't have the information for the other ones in front of me, but look for those before we leave on Tuesday.

*We have started an SBC street team, so if you are at all interested in getting the SBC name out and about by passing out flyers, helping promote shows, and other promotional things, send an email to SBCTEAM@Hotmail.com letting us know of your interest. Of course you would get the always sweet SBC merch in return for your services. So shoot us an email if you are interested.

That seems like all for now, stay tuned for more show dates and some new pictures of us playing at our last few shows and don't forget to keep listening to "FREEZING" and "OVER IT" on Pure Volume...until Penn State...


July 2, 2006

YO YO YO, time for a news update!!! The final new song is now up on our Pure Volume page. It is called "Hope and Harmony," and as always will only be up for 2 DAYS!!! This is your last chance to hear some of the songs from the new EP until it comes out later this summer, so dont miss out. Of course "Freezing" will still be up, as will "Over It." So you can still get your SBC fix.

For all of you that live in or around the Pittsburgh area, our next show is July 7th in Trafford, PA at Club Angels. We will be playing with a bunch of good bands so please show your support and come out to the show. This is one of your last chances to hear the new songs live before....

We leave for our SUMMER MINI TOUR!!! That is right, we will be leaving for an east coast/mid-US tour on July 26th, and we will be gone for about 2 weeks. So for all of you that don't live in PA, this is your chance to see us live. Check the shows page in a couple weeks to see if we will coming to a place near you!!!

Well that is all for now, as always let us know what you think of the new song on our message board. Til next time...byeeeeeeeee


June 18, 2006

What's up everyone?!? I hope everyone is enjoying the new site. But let me get down to business. We have a NEW SONG on our Pure Volume site. What song is it? It is the brand new ALBUM VERSION of "Over It." It will only be up for 2 DAYS!!! So make sure you listen as many times as your little hearts desire, because come Sunday, you won't hear it again until the EP comes out. But when "Over It" comes down, another NEW SONG from the EP will go up for 2 days. YAY!!!

Well that is all for now, but be sure to hit up our Pure Volume site and then hit up our message board and tell us what you think. But now ill leave you with a quote from a good movie..."Peace, Love, Dope, now GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!!"


June 16, 2006

We are officially BACK!!! I hope everyone likes the new site, because it is awesome... totally awesome... Well worth the wait and delays. Now, about our new member: His name is Phil Arena, he plays the bass guitar and sings. He has much more talent than we dared to hope for when we were searching for the new bass player. You can see pictures of Phil around the site and more new pictures will be popping up frequently.

Our FIRST SHOW BACK... will be TONIGHT June 16th at the Scarlet Theater in Glassport, PA. We will be playing with our good friends Scapeside, Grover Dill, and Mejustbeingme. Everyone come to this show, it will be your first look at the new and improved SBC! Not to mention there are many awesome bands playing. You won't regret the trip and I promise you won't get cut on the Glassport!

MORE BIG NEWS!!! Over the past month we have recorded and finished our new 6 song EP entitled "Act 1, Scene 1:Freezing," and it will be out late this summer, probably in September. A more specific date will be announced when we have a better idea. But it sounds so good and better than I could've ever asked for...on that note our brand new song "Freezing" is up and running at our pure volume site. You can listen to all of the songs from our EP because after tomorrow we will be putting a different song up each day for 24 hours only!!! But listen to "Freezing," and tell all your friends to listen also.

WE ALSO HAVE A BRAND NEW MESSAGE BOARD!!! So look around the site and please, please, please tell us what you think of the message board. We love everyone's feedback, good or bad. That's all for now... look for plenty of new things in the next few days. I love you!!!